8 Start Places for Your Thailand Holiday

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Bangkok the big mango

Bangkok is the ideal starting point for any Thai holiday and countless monstrous shopping centers and hundreds of clubs will keep you busy forever. The tourist’s sights around the grand palace will be done in a weekend and if shopping is not your thing Bangkok have exit in all directions for very cheap prices by air, bus or train. It is also the home of Khosan Road the mysterious street that is the big starting point for every person who wants to be called a true backpacker in Asia. You will feel right at home with backpackers delight such as Star Bucks and Mac D that moved in a few years ago.

Pattaya the black pearl on the east coast of Thailand

Pattaya, discovered by the Americans during the south east Asia wars, built up by sun hungry men from the United Kingdom during the 1980s, invaded by Vikings in the 1990 and put to sleep until around 2000 when the Arab invasion started but was stopped by the Russian take over in 2006. People come to Pattaya to live, to play golf, to visit the many girl bars but they don’t come to swim in the sea. Pattaya is not a ideal family holiday destination but Thai family’s still flock her on big weekends to sit under huge parasols with their cloth while playing cards and eating sea food.

Issan the forgotten Kingdom

Not many tourists travel further north then Ayutthaya but more to the north east is the forgotten tourist destination if Issan (essan). Issan is what many people call the real Thailand and people from north east are the work horses behind all factories and rice farms in Thailand. On the big holidays you can see Bangkok shut down and the bus stations overfill with people trying to get back to the forgotten Kingdom. For people that want to travel where not many tourists have traveled before this is the perfect place to start your exploration of Thailand. Most backpackers skipped the north east of Thailand and headed straight for the northern parts so this is a hidden gem. You will not see many other white people besides the older settlers and their younger native wife’s. Don’t be surprised if some villages never seen a white person and that you will see Thai genuine smiles and hospitality. You can travel by bus but the best way to travel is by car or motorbike if you have the possibility.

Samui island the rebel outpost

Samui was from the beginning a big farm for Coconuts but most of them have been cut down or died in a disease and nothing is done to save them. Now Samui in south Thailand is a place for backpackers that could not leave Thailand because they did not want to back their suite job. They also could not get enough of trance music that coming from the island of Koh-Phangan. The former backpackers’ have set up spa, yoga centers, cologne centers, wellness centers and just feeling happy because I smoke to much weed centers. Samui has real unspoiled beaches and bungalows by the sea and in the wet season the whole center get flooded. You can compare it a bit to Christiania in Denmark since the motorbike gangs also found their way here, it just more sunny.

Phuket the Andaman Pearl

Phuket is the starting point of every island hopping tour in south Thailand and many low cost carriers fly here every day from around the world. It the home too many expat and you will find the most ridicules prices ever for a house on this Island. Phuket is a perfect holiday detention for everybody because it has the nightlife, the clean beaches and cheap hotels if you look for it. Phuket has never really recovered after the Tsunami 2004 and the many hotels are empty most of the low season and real bargains can be found.

Krabi the Island kingdom

Who can forget the old James Bond movie “Gold finger” and the hidden Island near Krabi in south Thailand? If you want beaches, underwater exploring and quiet nightlife then Krabi is the place to go. It is also the place people go for rock climbing. Krabi has many spectacular five star resorts where the beach really belongs to you and not many tourists bother to travel down here.

Chiang Mai the northern realm

It does not matter how you spell it Chiang Mai, Chiangmai, Cheng Mai or Cheang Mai it is still the capital of northern Thailand. Many artists and culture personalities from both Thailand abroad have built homes here and they create a unique atmosphere in this northern part of Thailand. If you want to travel further north and visit the hill tribes of Thailand Chiang Mai is your starting point. The town has lost some of its charm to traffic jams and forest burning but in the cold season Thai travel so they can try on the glows and winter clothing’s they bought in Bangkok. If you want to buy cheap Thai style furniture imported from Burma this is the play to go.

Hua Hin the new charter Paradise

Thai people think of Hua hin like a high society place and like to travel there by car and stay in posh hotels and visits expansive spas. The sea side resort is most famous because it’s where the King of Thailand like has his summer castle. The tourists that come here are mostly charter and Hua Hin is perfect for families even it’s is a bit difficult to get there. The beach stretches forever and ever year they play elephant polo here.


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Vacations in Prague

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This world is full of beautiful places and it is very difficult to see all of them mainly due to constraints of finance and time. As such, it is important to choose some of the best places that you can conveniently see and among these places, Prague deserves a prominent place.

Prague lies in the heart of Europe and its attributes include a wonderful history, a dazzling scenario, breathtaking architecture, and an atmosphere full of mystery and stunning aura. You are surrounded by culture everywhere as you visit the rich museums and galleries, and see the awe-inspiring architecture. You will get immersed in the music that pervades the air and has been there for many centuries.

Prague Christmas Festival Season And Christmas Markets

Prague is particularly more attractive during the Christmas season as the Christmas markets allure everyone from young to old. Tourists from different parts of the world, especially from the European countries such as England, Italy, Germany and Russia can be seen everywhere visiting the markets and buying what they like. These markets normally start four Saturdays before Christmas Eve (24th December) and are open on all days of the week till the beginning of January. Although the temperatures fall considerably during this period and it is very cold, the markets do brisk business and visitors also strike good bargains. The items that are available include holiday items, traditional Christmas decorations, crafts, and gift items.

Apart from Prague Christmas ornaments, you can find a wide array of glass jewelry, Czech wooden toys, ceramic beer mugs, scarves, and scented candles.

There is plenty to eat and drink in the form of traditional food items, grog, hot wine, and warm honey liquor. The food items are made fresh right in front of you and you might not get such delicious food elsewhere. Everywhere you go, you will hear Christmas carols and you will really feel immersed in the Prague Christmas spirit. Beautiful illuminations add a sparkle to the markets at night.
There are about seventy to eighty stands on the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square selling Czech souvenirs and Christmas items and this market is very popular. There are many other Prague Christmas markets throughout the city. The most spectacular sight is of the Christmas tree appearing majestic against a dark gothic skyline. It is erected in the Old Town Square and is illuminated at night by a blaze of lights.

New Year Eve Celebrations

Spending Prague New Year Eve is a wonderful experience that you have to experience to believe. It seems that the entire city is having a party time as people throng the restaurants, river boats, clubs, and bars to their full capacities. When midnight approaches, spectacular fireworks can be seen by the revelers who occupy every inch of space in the famous squares and the river banks. People enjoy Prague New Year’s Eve in various ways as some take pleasure in wining and dining throughout the night at any of the restaurants and others crave for quiet romantic candle light dinners. There are others who opt for partying in a club or music bar.

Prague Sightseeing

There are so many wonderful Prague sightseeing places that you would need at least three days to enjoy all the sights and the absolutely enchanting atmosphere. If you wish to see the other interesting places outside Prague you would need additional time.

So, the next time you are planning a holiday with your family, Prague should be your first choice as it offers the best at the minimum cost.

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Top Attractions in Kilkenny, Ireland

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Kilkenny Castle

The magnificent Kilkenny Castle boasts a superb location on an elevated site overlooking Kilkenny city. The castle was built in the 12th century for William Marshall – the 4th Earl of Pembroke, but it’s said that Strongbow built a wooden structure here long before that.

Today, this Anglo Norman stone castle is an amalgamation of different architectural styles from its development down through the years. You’ll see an impressive 17th century classical gateway, 18th century crescent shaped stables and some 19th century Baronial style motifs. Take a tour of the castle and visit the Medieval Room, the courtyard, the undercroft, the dining room, the entrance hall, the drawing room, the library, the state bedrooms and the Victorian kitchen.

The castle is the centrepiece of Kilkenny city so a visit here is a must. The grounds around the castle are also well worth exploring.

Rothe House

Rothe House is a fine example of a 17th century Irish merchant’s townhouse. It’s located on Parliament Street in the city and is well worth a visit if only for an hour or so for a self guided tour.

The historic Rothe House was built between 1594 and 1610 by a wealthy merchant called John Rothe. He was from one of the wealthiest families in Kilkenny at the time and controlled much of the city’s trade.

The house (which is actually made up of three houses) is now in ownership of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society and houses an impressive museum where you can see historical artefacts and archaeological items from all over Kilkenny.

St. Canice’s Cathedral

It’s hard to miss St.Canice’s Cathedral when in Kilkenny city as it is the 2nd largest medieval cathedral in Ireland (after St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin). There has been an ecclesiastical site here since the 6th century and it was called after ‘St. Canice’. Kilkenny in Gaelic translates as Cill Channaigh meaning ‘Church of Canice’. The magnificent Cathedral boasts 14th century stained glass windows, marble floors in the Sanctuary and unique tombstone carvings.

Alongside the Cathedral stands a Round Tower – a feature built next to major religious sites during the late 8th century to protect from Viking raids. Today, visitors can climb the round tower to admire 360 degree views of the city and countryside. The round tower is of major historical and national importance as it’s said that it’s the oldest standing structure in the city!

Other peripheral buildings of importance include a charming period cottage called The Organist’s Cottage, the Library, the Deanery and the Bishops House.

Butler Gallery

The Butler Gallery is actually located within Kilkenny Castle and is one of the finest exhibition spaces in Ireland. Here you’ll see impressive collections of 19th and 20th century Irish art.

The Butler Gallery Collection features art from the 18th century to the present day. On display here are works of art from renowned artists like Jack B. Yeats, Sir John Lavery, William Scott, Tony O’ Malley and William Scott to name a few.

The gallery also hosts some monthly and touring exhibitions.

The National Craft Gallery

This is the main exhibition space for the Crafts Council of Ireland. It has a wonderful location in the Castle Yard, which used to be the stables of Kilkenny Castle. The exhibition space is an outlet for Irish craftspeople to showcase their works of art to the general public.

The gallery is sure to capture the visitor’s imagination with a wide range of crafts on show from textiles, glass and furniture to baskets, jewellery and ceramics.

Works by some of the world’s top craftspeople are also on show here. Admission to the gallery is free of charge so it’s definitely worth popping in here to check out the impressive range of contemporary crafts.

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Full of Luxury and Fun – New York City

June 22, 2009 at 7:36 am (Uncategorized)

If you are tired of working all your life and just want to satisfy that wanderlust feeling that has been broiling up inside you, then reserving yourself a ticket for the next flight is a must. But where is it that you’re going to go? Well, if you’re looking for a destination, then New York is the place to go. You don’t have to worry about your accommodation because New York offers the best luxury hotel experience in the world with its collection of luxury hotels.

It is known all over the world that New York luxury hotels maintain a high standard of service as they take care of their guests, so worry no more and let your family vacation, your yearly business trips or your longed for romantic get-away with a new fling happen in New York, where it will be transformed into one of the best experiences of your life.

These hotels maintain a really high standard of service that they would even call you back after you make your reservation in order for them to actually get the things that you would like to happen during your stay in their hotel. So they can give you a note-worthy experience, whether you’re an affluent guest or not.

New York luxury hotels belong to the most expensive hotels in the world, so if you’re ready to shell out the big bucks just to be pampered with a service fit for a king, 5 star hotels like The Pierre, Mandarin Oriental New York and The Carlyle are the ones for you.

Now, if you’re already enjoying the comfort of one of New York’s posh hotels, the next thing to do is get out and see the landmarks that made New York famous the world over. Such a place to visit in New York is the quintessential Central Park. It has over two and half million people visiting every month. Try then to check out the Belvedere Castle, which offers a panoramic view of the park in every direction.

If it’s nightlife you’re after, New York is the city that never sleeps. The night scene in New York is active and full of life. This city has a plethora of bars and many other places of fun that is certainly enough to fill your need.

One of the many attractions to go to at night in New York is its collection of posh rooftop bars in many of its skyscrapers. You can check out the rooftop bar at the 230 Fifth, Flatiron District, New York. Such a visit to this vibrant and busy city will definitely make you agree to New York’s reputation of being the greatest city in the world.

In case you don’t know, New York is the center of nightlife worldwide. Such a reputation obvious as you do that late-night bar-hopping in many of New York’s coolest bars.

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Beach of Durban

June 10, 2009 at 5:34 am (Uncategorized)

Durban Beach, additionally named “The Golden Mile,” reaches beginning from uShaka Marine World toward the recently developed Suncoast Casino in addition to Entertainment World to the north. The beach travels along the side of the CBD of Durban city to Durban beach’s west.

Durban beach is an amusement dreamland in addition to one of the major vacationer attractions in Durban city. The coast comprises a large expanse of golden beach sand, separated by countless piers. Just let go in the temperate sunshine as you sun tan while you satisfy your swimming desires in the cool waters of the Indian Ocean. Lifeguards and shark nets are generally at the majority of Durban city’s sea shore beaches. Surfing is exceedingly admired and Durban beach is a world celebrated Surfing spot.

Expressly, The South Beach end is celebrated amongst South Africans as a not dangerous position for neophyte surfing. The impressive apartment buildings that dot the seaside are a range of sightseer hotels, residential apartments, seaside front properties , countless admired restaurants in addition to nightclubs. There are even remnants of some of Durban city’s older art-deco style architecture which is still left from the construction boom of the 1960s in addition to 1970s.

Durban Beach has always been an admired holiday spot for locals from all over the country, but expressly from Gauteng province especially during the Christmas holiday time of year. Locals flock to enjoy Durban city’s sea shore in addition to many attractions, which include:

• The Ocean Way Promenade which bends and winds by the side of the coast was built to convince more people to try walking in addition to cycling along the promenade.

• The Blue Lagoon, a well-like picnic, hangout in addition to fishing position.

• The Suncoast Casino in addition to Entertainment World, a mammoth casino multiplex with shops, restaurants, public activities in addition to a private coast.

• uShaka Marine World aquarium, dolphinarium, water park, Shopping centre in addition to restaurants with the largest shark tank in the world.

• Mini Town which has a miniature replica of the Durban city which even has a working miniature railway in addition to airport.

• Dairy coast, North coast, the Bay of Plenty in addition to Snake Park sea shore are well-liked surfing sea shore.

• Skateboarders, roller bladers in addition to BMX’ers can take advantage of the Skate Park in front of the Bay of Plenty.

• Stall owners with a wide selection of Zulu fine art in addition to hand made crafts.

• The only surfing museum in South Africa, Specializing in surf history in addition to cataloguing some of Durban city’s world celebrated surfing history.

I hope you enjoyed this piece about Durban beach. I wish you come and visit us here.

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A Brief Introduction to Douglas, the Capital of the Isle of Man

May 29, 2009 at 2:53 am (Uncategorized)

Douglas is the capital and largest town of the Isle Of Man, which is an independent administrative area subject to the British Crown. With a population of just over 26,000, it is located by a bay at the delta of the Douglas River. The town has a harbour which is also a significant commercial port. The town is by far the most significant place for business, shopping, entertainment and transport connections to the island.

Douglas is also the seat of the government of the island. It was established in 1869 as the administrative capital and rapidly became the centre of tourism and business for the country. One of the things that Douglas is famous for is its trams, still drawn be horses which still run along the seafront and a the only ones still in use. It remains due to the popularity amongst tourists.

There is believed to have been a settlement in the area since Viking times, however, it was not until 1511 that the town became well documented. During the 17th and 18th centuries the town grew in importance and population and started to profit greatly during the Industrial Revolution when it started to become popular place for holidaymakers.

Douglas has an abundance of attractions and places of historic and tourist interest. These include the Tower Of Refuge, a number of novelty steam trains which still run and a local theatre which is recently undergone extensive repairs and face lifting. The town is set to host the famous Commonwealth Youth Games in 2011.

The Isle Of Man also has an airport with regular connections to Great Britain and Ireland and you can find various very connections to Northern Ireland and the British mainland. There are two ports in the northwest of England with direct ferry connections to the island.

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The City of Dundee, Angus, Scotland

May 23, 2009 at 2:52 am (Uncategorized)

The city of Dundee, Angus, Scotland is the fourth-largest city in the country. It enjoys a current population of around 142,000 people, which is down from a high of 182, 000 back in 1971. It also sits on the northern banks of the Firth of Tay, which the River Tay feeds into and which in turn then empties into the North Sea.

The local government council area of Angus borders onto Dundee, though that city is now considered one of the country’s 32 council areas in its own right. The historic ties between the two entities, though, lead many to include the city as part of the area of Angus. There has also been continuous human presence in the region of the city and the council area since at least the Mesolithic, or Middle Stone Age.

Dundee as a city grew up around its port, which initially profited from the old wool trade. This trade involved exporting the woolen product from the out regions of the Angus hinterlands, the practice of which lasted for several centuries. In fact, there was still a notable trade in fabrics of all kinds, due to its extensive weaving, or textile, industry up through the 1800s. In the mid-19th century, the city became noted for the quality of its jute fabric, and its jam.

In the late 19th century, Dundee became a center of shipbuilding in the region, with over 2,000 ships built in one ten year stretch between 1871 and 1881. It was in this city’s shipyards that the ship of famed Antarctic explorer Robert Falcon Scott was built. The RRS Discovery was also the last wooden three-masted ship built in Britain.

The local government council area of Angus has a population of about 110,000 people. Though it doesn’t officially have any oversight of Dundee, it is considered to be a historic adjunct to the city, which is its own council area. Both entities share a long and interesting past, not only with each other but as a part of the wider Scotland in which they both reside.

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Elgin, Moray – The Small Scottish Town

May 17, 2009 at 2:51 am (Uncategorized)

Elgin is a small Scottish town and former royal burgh of considerable antiquity that was founded under the charter of King David I of Scotland. It is situated to the south of the river Lossie and is known as an erstwhile cathedral town. It is the commercial and administrative center for Moray and is known for its medieval architecture and numerous places of worship including ancient cathedrals with a rich history.

It also serves as an educational center and market town for Moray. It was home to many monarchs in the Middle Ages and subject to their patronage. The cathedrals that were erected in the town were mostly under the auspices of the kings who used the place as a retreat and also held court there and hunted in the surrounding forests. The town has had many wealthy patrons in the past including royals who have contributed generously to its development over the centuries.

The economy of Elgin depends heavily on the royal air force stations that have been established there. The other sectors which provide employment include entertainment, food and beverage industry and construction and real estate. The main industries that flourish here are the whisky distilleries and wool milling industry.

The history of the sleepy town is steeped in religion and religious places of worship and their rise and fall. The most popular attraction for tourists visiting the town of Elgin is the Elgin Cathedral which is undoubtedly the one of most magnificent pieces of medieval architecture in Scotland. It is also known as the lantern of the north. The Iron Age, manmade well called Burghead well, the Birnie church is probably the oldest surviving church in Scotland and the magnificent Brodie castle estate are some of the other places of interest for tourists visiting the town. The Druffus castle, seat of the Murray family is another striking example of medieval architecture and is among the prominent monuments to visit in the town.

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A Brief Introduction to Ely, Cambridgeshire

May 12, 2009 at 2:49 am (Uncategorized)

Ely is one of the more magnificent cities in East Anglia. It is the cathedral city and only about 40 miles away from Cambridge to the northeast. In spite of only having a population of just over 15,000 people, its cathedral is considered one of the most impressive in the country and actually one of the seven wonders of the medieval world.

The city is famous for its number of listed buildings and a number of sites of historic interest. Unlike a great deal of other towns it still retains a number of traditional shops town winding streets and there is still a lively market every Thursday and Saturday.

The city enjoyed an important status as a significant port, since it is located on the River Great Ouse. This lasted until the 18th century when eventually the Fens were drained and Ely was no longer on an island. The history of the city extends as far back as 673 AD when the abbey was first established there. Unfortunately, Viking invaders destroyed the Abbey and the year eight certainty and it was not rebuilt until 100 years afterwards. The abbey played a significant part in the Norman conquest.

By far the most popular and impressive site in the town is the cathedral. The cathedral was established by William I in the year 1083. During the time of Oliver Cromwell, who had lived in Ely, various parts of the cathedral was severely damaged and it is evident today from the vast number of statues and figurines which are missing their heads inside the cathedral.

Getting to the city is fairly simple since it is on the main line with direct reigns to London and Cambridge amongst other places. The nearest main road to the city is the A10 which leads to King’s Lynn and London.

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A Brief Introduction to Farnham, Surrey

May 7, 2009 at 2:45 am (Uncategorized)

Farnham is a large town in the county of Surrey, England which is in the Biro of Waverley. It is about 42 miles away from London due south west and in the far west of the county. The town has a population of well over 100,000. There are many places of historic interest there, the castle, the original Bishop’s palace and the ruins of Waverley Abbey.

Farnham has always had a convenient geography, being placed on the River Wey and because of this it has been a significant trading outpost that most of its history. It’s river eventually joins the river Thames the town of Weybridge.

People have settled the area in which Farnham is located for thousands of years, as far back and maybe beyond the early Stone Age. The area continue to grow insignificance during the Bronze Age and into the Iron Age when a number of hill fort are established around the area. The town was also significant during the Roman period.

The old area of the town is particularly extensive and has a lot of interest to offer visitors. Not only are there are a great number of historical sites, but there is an abundance of accommodation on offer and a number of shops and markets around the town. One of the most popular sites for tourists visit is Farnham Castle. This castle was constructed by the Normans. Farnham Park also offers a very pleasant place to walk and an interesting variety of wildlife.

Farnham is also famous for its arts and crafts including pottery, painting and performing arts. It has long had a powerful association creativity. Although the performing arts are not as popular as they once were in the town, there are still fairly frequent productions at the Maltings. The Maltings on the creative arts centre of the town.

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